Endorsements for “No On Prop 16 Campaign”

List of Endorsements

Dr. Aijie Han, Executive Vice President of SDAAFE
Anil Shekhar, California Resident
Arnold Steinberg, Strategist/Author
Betty Yuan, CEO of NCCCAF
Bob Zeidman, President of Zeidman Consulting
Candace Liu, Vice President of CCCCA
Chunhua Liao, Co-founder of SVCAF
Denise Louie, Vice President of AALF
Eduardo Reyes, Ghilotti Union
Gabriel J. Gardner, California Resident
Prof. Gail Heriot, Professor of Law, University of San Diego

Grace Li, President of Tri-Valley Asian Association
Jane Chen, President of Aborn Institute
Jane Zhu, Director of SCS
Jennifer Strohfus, President of SVFBE
Jenny Yuan, Vice President of SVCU
Dr. Joan Chen, Secretary of SDAAFE
John Robert Renner
Julio DeGuzman, Advisor of SDAAFE
June Cutter, Assembly Candidate District 77
Jyoti Kaushal, President of UPMA
Karen Siegemund, President of AFA
Linda Liu, Vice President of US Asian Art & Culture Association
Tri Ta, Mayor of Westminster

Lisa DeGuzman, San Diego Health Worker
Luz Avila, Luz Avila Interpreting Owner
Marc Ang, President of AIB2B
Prof. Nilu Gupta, Chairwoman of UPMA
Dr. Matthew Malkan, Los Angeles Resident
Dr. Melanie Burkholder, Assembly Candidate District 76
Peggy Huang, CA District 45 Candidate
Peter Kuo, Vice Chairman of California Republican Party
Quan He, Board member of BAHN
Ritesh Tandon, Congressional Candidate, CA District 17
Sashi Begur, California Resident
Shirley Lin, Director of MEG
Shishan Wang, President of AAER
Srinivasa Gundimeda, California Resident
Sue Zhang, CEO of D4Sue, Inc.
Tony Guan, Board Member of SVCAF
Viraj Raut, California Resident
Vijay Chokalingam, Admissions Consultant and Civil Rights Activist
Wai Wah Chin, Charter President of CACAGNY
Xiaomao Lei, President of UCCAA
Xiaoshan Song, Secretary of CASSC
Yong Zeng, Board Member of SDAAFE
Zig Jiang, President of HQH