Endorsements for the No On Prop 16 Campaign

Keep unfair discrimanatory practices illegal and keep Proposition 209

The California Republican Party (CRP) officially opposes Proposition 16

Thomas Randall, Jr
Member (Voting)
Yolo County Republican Party Central Committee (YCRPCC)

Liberty and justice for ALL

Proposition 209 leveled the academic and employment playing field for ALL qualified applicants/candidates. No on 16 is just reinforcing this idea, nothing added, nothing taken away.

Douglas Kasai
Retired Teacher

Uphold Racial, Gender, and Ethnic Equality

It is our Constitutional right to not be discriminated against because of our race, sex, color, or creed but Prop 16 allows for state-sponsored discrimination in the workplace and our schools. Racial, gender, and ethnic discrimination is *still* discrimination, no matter how well-intentioned, and only perpetuates division between… Read more “Uphold Racial, Gender, and Ethnic Equality”

Andrea Jablonski
Clinical Psychologist
Andrea Jablonski, Psy.D. Clinical Psychology

Freedom and equality for all – always!

This, yes this Prop 16, is so damn evil and vile!

Brian F Gorman, PhD
Sport Psychologist
University of Michigan
San Diego


“Our state and nation does not need a racial spoils system, everyone should advance by merit.”

Bruce Abraham

Equal Opportunity For All By Law

“Until Justice is blind to color, until education is unaware of race, until opportunity is unconcerned with the color of men’s skins, emancipation will be a proclamation but not a fact.” – Lyndon B. Johnson These words are worth remembering as some in our state seek to restore… Read more “Equal Opportunity For All By Law”

Aaron Aubrecht

No on 16, Yes on 209

“The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin, in the operation of public employment, public education, and public contracting.” This still makes sense to me: for my family, my medical… Read more “No on 16, Yes on 209”

Bard C Cosman
La Jolla

Americans are One People, Only things that matter, are shared values, character & good will

Looking for a Mrs; shared values, character, and good will only things mattered. Mrs 30 years Asian, my treasure 8 of Asian nieces and nephews, 4 solidly middle class, 4 lower income. Of 4 families, 3 were single Moms. Privileged?

Guy Clinton Greenwood



Kejing Song
Rancho Cordova

Equal Opportunity based on Merit NOT on Your Race

I never thought there will be a day that I question my doctor’s ability to diagnose me and treat me. If Prop 16 passes, I expect future doctors to have entered and graduated from medical school Based on Their RACE an not their ability and academia. Words such… Read more “Equal Opportunity based on Merit NOT on Your Race”

Kathryn Koo
Clinical psychologist

We are going backwards with this proposition!

The anti discrimination amendment in our constitution was put in place so that every man or women would have equal opportunities. To repeal this law would allow open discrimination. it would allow government office and schools to mandate or give preferential treatment based on race, religion, gender, etc.… Read more “We are going backwards with this proposition!”

Suzette Tyler
Palooza Brewery and Gastropub
Santa Rosa

Prop 16 Legalizes Racial Discrimination by the Government

We should not allow the government to discriminate “legally”, but that is what Prop 16 tries to do. Please do not be fooled by the ballot title of prop 16: “Allows Diversity”? The truth is that, California is already the #1 diversified state in the nation, and that… Read more “Prop 16 Legalizes Racial Discrimination by the Government”

Tony Guan
SVCA Board Member, StopProp16.org Founder
StopProp16.org, Silicon Valley Chinese Association

In higher education, it is

In higher education, it is necessary to keep competitive to provide quality human resources in global markets. Without strong human asset, our society will lose competition and everyone loses.

Changbiao Luo
Assistant Director
Moody’s analytics
San Francisco

50 years of embracing diversity

Mystic records was founded in the 1950’s , when civil rights were gaining attention. Mystic records founder was determined to give all unknown artists a chance. Today in 2020 Mystic Records has continued giving equal rights to all unknown artists a chance to have their music represented .… Read more “50 years of embracing diversity”

Candace D’Andrea
Mystic Records

You don’t fight discrimination with discrimination

Prop. 16 wouldn’t legalize affirmative action – it would legalize quotas. The child of a refugee from Asia could find it harder to get into the college of their choice because the “Asian Quota” is already filled. While the child of millionaires will find it easier because there… Read more “You don’t fight discrimination with discrimination”

Michael S. Goldman
City Councilmember, Sunnyvale CA
Mike Goldman for Mayor 2020

All ages of human being have dreams…

I am a Montessori preschool teacher, when we accept children to enroll in to our preschool, we don’t reject children by their races, colors, cultures just because we have too many of one kind. Children are our future, the greatest good, this also applies to our young students… Read more “All ages of human being have dreams…”

Peng Jiang
San Jose

NO on Prop. 16

Prop. 16 does nothing but legalizing discrimination against special groups of citizens which is definitely unconstitutional. College admission and employment decisions shall be mainly based on qualification instead of color. If we do want to increase the percentage of college enrollment for certain groups of people, then the… Read more “NO on Prop. 16”

Lake Forest

No on discrimination

We should not legally endorse discrimination. All should earn based on the content of their character and their innate ability.

Charles Curran

Raise the academic standards of all children

Affirmative action (AA) was started with the best of intentions; but as practiced in many, if not most, colleges/universities, the costs of AA now outweigh the benefits. AA divides Americans by race and ethnicity. It helps to institutionalize a ‘victim’ mentality among racial and ethnic minorities, the idea… Read more “Raise the academic standards of all children”

Joseph Yi
Associate Professor
Hanyang University (Seoul)

An Excellent Cause – No Discrimination!

Back in the 90’s, we passed a proposition that made this very clear. Apparently, it’s not clear enough. Everyone should have the same opportunities to advance – whether that’s via education, business, or politics. Anything else is racist and does not live up to the American Way. Vote… Read more “An Excellent Cause – No Discrimination!”

Chris Anderson
Elk Grove

Judge by Character, Skills, Merit, Ability, not by Minority Status

Equality of Opportunity is Liberty
Equality of Outcome is the deathnell of Civilization

Kid Hancock
New York
New York

Opposed to Proposition 16, No Discrimination Based on Race Should Be Allowed!

I’m opposed to Proposition 16 because I believe discriminating based on race, no matter what the motivation, will not help to end discrimination based on race.

Josh Grossman
Candidate Sunnyvale City Council District 2

Our Constitution is color-blind.

“Our Constitution is color-blind, and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens.” So said Supreme Court Justice John M. Harlan in his dissent from the infamous 1896 decision that upheld racial segregation. Today, California’s Constitution “is color-blind, and neither knows nor tolerates classes among citizens.” It is up… Read more “Our Constitution is color-blind.”

Joseph Al Latham, Jr.

Vote No on 16 – No Legalized Discrimination

Good campaign. Well organized with solid message. Keep fighting.

Stephen Scott Slauson
CEO Triple S Electric Co.
Slauson for Assembly District 18

Equal Opportunity for MY Son

My son works very diligently and entered college at the age of thirteen. I can’t live thinking another child will take his seat in professional school because of his race. I believe in meritocracy, yet I also believe in helping others when race is not the issue.

Russell Person
Husband and Father

Equal Treatment for ALL Californians

How can any politician justify any form of discrimination in the year 2020? Please tell all your friends and neighbors to vote no on Prop. 16.

John Cruikshank
President & CEO
Okamoto Structural Engineering
Costa Mesa

Don’t divide California kids into increasingly meaningless racial categories.

The dramatic rise in intermarriage has blurred racial lines to the extent that there is no longer even a consensus on who is “white” and who is “minority”. Don’t divide California kids into increasingly meaningless racial categories.

Chris Norby
Former Mayor of Fullerton
Former Member, Orange County Board of Supervisors

Prop16 is Against Federal Law and Constitution

This is trying to pass a discrimination law and can not stand in court. A Federal law established in 1964 is against it.

Terry white

Fairness for all

Merit based, racist free fairness MUST be the goal across all of American society. If a child works hard, no matter what race they are, they MUST be given a fair chance to ascend to the highest levels. If we remove merit as a basis for college entrance… Read more “Fairness for all”

Sharon Bach

No on Prop16

Don’t fight discrimination by making discrimination worse.

Henri Kester
San Diego

Equal opportunities rather than equal result

Everyone achieve their wonderful life by paying effort to earn it. People born deserved to have equal opportunities to struggle and gain their desired goal no matter their race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin. What PROP.16 advocates is granting privilege to certain group of people against other… Read more “Equal opportunities rather than equal result”

qinghui zhong
Asian Health Link

No on PROP 16!

No on PROP 16! Stop discrimination!

Gary Cheng
VP of R&D
San Diego

Racial discrimination does not cure racial injustice

The use of race adds to racial injustice. The use of race to create racial equality is un-American. Because our promise is one of equal opportunities, not equal outcomes. The opposite of racial injustice is not racially equal outcomes. The Asian American Legal Foundation opposes Prop 16 and… Read more “Racial discrimination does not cure racial injustice”

Denise Louie
Vice President
Asian American Legal Foundation
San Francisco

“No on Prop 16”.

“No on Prop 16”.

Peter Wang

No on Prop. 16No racial

No on Prop. 16
No racial preference

Jiumei Chen

Equal Rights for All!

Because I need everyone have same opportunity for everything. that way can make our America has good future specially will become a really great America in whole world.

Cindy Hom
No on Prop16
San Francisco

I vote against Proposition 16

I vote against Proposition 16 because it promotes racial discrimination violates Equal Opportunity Rights.

Yugang Xiao
Software Engineer
Los Altos

Proposition 16 Is Divisive

Proposition 16 seeks to repeal the equal protection clause in the California state constitution. It is a divisive bill that will bring back preferential treatment (aka, discrimination) based upon race and gender. We need to set politics and special interests aside, and take a hard look at the… Read more “Proposition 16 Is Divisive”

June Yang Cutter
Attorney; Candidate, Assembly District 77
San Diego

Say NO to Racial Discrimination

Let’s fix the root cause of achievement gap in our education system. This is not about any political party.. it’s about knowing the difference between right and wrong. Please get your facts correct before you decide. Vote NO on Prop16!

Sudha Kasamsetty
Candidate CUSD board

Prop 16 Perpetuates Racial Disparity

Tri-Valley Asian Association stands for equal opportunity for all. We support Color-blind Affirmative Action which offers real help to socioeconomically disadvantaged people regardless color of skin. Prop 16 (ACA-5) is the wrong answer to the question. It does nothing but harm to the well-being of the society and… Read more “Prop 16 Perpetuates Racial Disparity”

Grace Li
President of Tri-Valley Asian Association

No Race-Based Discrimination – No for Prop16

Prop 16 allows RACE based discrimination for admissions in California UC/State colleges, public employment, and public contracts. People will be measured with the color of their skin instead of their Merit. My Opponent (Ro Khanna) endorsed Prop16 and working hard to create race-based division in society Prop 16… Read more “No Race-Based Discrimination – No for Prop16”

Ritesh Tandon
US Congressional Candidate, District 17 (San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Milpitas, Fremont, Newark and Alviso)
Tandon for Congress
San Jose

Prop 16 rejects America’s fundamental spirit of equality and liberty!

Proposition 16 is divisive, unnecessary and costly. Our communities and concerned citizens must unite to defend the merit-based principle, equal rights for all and fairness!

Yukong Zhao
Asian American Coalition for Education