Endorsements for the No On Prop 16 Campaign

Say NO to Racial Discrimination

Let’s fix the root cause of achievement gap in our education system. This is not about any political party.. it’s about knowing the difference between right and wrong. Please get your facts correct before you decide. Vote NO on Prop16!

Sudha Kasamsetty
Candidate CUSD board

Prop 16 Perpetuates Racial Desparity

Tri-Valley Asian Association stands for equal opportunity for all. We support Color-blind Affirmative Action which offers real help to social-economically disadvantaged people regardless color of skin. Prop 16 (ACA-5) is the wrong anwer to the question. It dose nothing but harm to the well-being of the society and… Read more “Prop 16 Perpetuates Racial Desparity”

Grace Li
President of Tri-Valley Asian Association

No Race-Based Discrimination – No for Prop16

Prop 16 allows RACE based discrimination for admissions in California UC/State colleges, public employment, and public contracts. People will be measured with the color of their skin instead of their Merit. My Opponent (Ro Khanna) endorsed Prop16 and working hard to create race-based division in society Prop 16… Read more “No Race-Based Discrimination – No for Prop16”

Ritesh Tandon
US Congressional Candidate, District 17 (San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Milpitas, Fremont, Newark and Alviso)
Tandon for Congress
San Jose

Prop 16 rejects America’s fundamental spirit of equality and liberty!

Proposition 16 is divisive, unnecessary and costly. Our communities and concerned citizens must unite to defend the merit-based principle, equal rights for all and fairness!

Yukong Zhao
Asian American Coalition for Education