You don’t fight discrimination with discrimination

Prop. 16 wouldn’t legalize affirmative action – it would legalize quotas. The child of a refugee from Asia could find it harder to get into the college of their choice because the “Asian Quota” is already filled. While the child of millionaires will find it easier because there is more room in the quota for their minority.

As Martin Luther King, Jr. said, our “children should be judged by the content of their character, not the color of their skin.”

“Affirmative action” is already legal – it helps those who have been disadvantaged physically or through prejudice or politically.

A refugee from Vietnam, or someone born without sight, or someone from a family that suffered from racism, can benefit from “affirmative action” to enable them to overcome their disadvantages to achieve the American Dream of equal opportunity for all.

This would only serve to divide Americans along so called “racial” lines. How would someone who “benefits” from a quota ever feel confident in their ability if they know doors opened for them and not for others based on accidents of births? How would they be looked at by their colleagues?

Prop. 16 would be a giant step backward to the days of race-based admissions and hiring.

Michael S. Goldman
City Councilmember, Sunnyvale CA
Mike Goldman for Mayor 2020