No Race-Based Discrimination – No for Prop16

Prop 16 allows RACE based discrimination for admissions in California UC/State colleges, public employment, and public contracts. People will be measured with the color of their skin instead of their Merit.

My Opponent (Ro Khanna) endorsed Prop16 and working hard to create race-based division in society

Prop 16 Bill punished the hard-working American Children and it will drastically change CA UC /State college admission criteria. Should we really tell our children that their opportunity to get a good college education depends on who gave them birth, not who they are as an individual. What happened to the American Dream of hard work and merit-based success?

If Prop 16 Bill is passed in November, the financial stress on you, the hard-working parents will become huge. If your child doesn’t get into CA UC/State colleges due to race-based criteria, YOU WILL either HAVE to send your children to either private colleges in CA or out of California! It will cost you 2-3 times more per year! Why should you accept that? It is Not FAIR! You are already paying high taxes in CA. Now, you are being punished with the extra burden.

AND, with race-based College Admissions, how can the Silicon Valley be innovative and competitive in the world? Student entering based on race-based admission, may not be prepared for college, many unqualified students will not graduate or leave in between. On top Quality of education will go down in CA colleges.

The real solution is to fix the root cause of problem and improve the CA K-12 education school system. Work with children of all races to learn and compete well in tomorrow’s world. We need to give more focus on children who are behind, and criteria cannot be based on race. Any children irrespective of race can be behind and we need to work with them.

We need to DEFEAT PROP 16 this November. Say NO to PROP 16

Ritesh Tandon
US Congressional Candidate, District 17 (San Jose, Santa Clara, Sunnyvale, Cupertino, Milpitas, Fremont, Newark and Alviso)
Tandon for Congress
San Jose