Prop 16 facts on contracting

Prop 16 Lies on Public Contracting: “California ended its Minority and Women-Owed Business Enterprise (MWBE) program due to Prop 209 and only a few MWBEs regained public contracts. Many MWBEs closed and most procurement and subcontracting processes remain effectively closed to them due to Prop. 209.” “MWBEs have lost $1 billion annually in public contractContinue reading “Prop 16 facts on contracting”

Facts and Myths About Proposition 16

Myth: Voting no on Prop 16 means no affirmative action Fact: Voting No on Prop 16 means to disallow considering race into government decisions. Affirmative action has always been legal in California. What’s at stake today is race-based affirmative action. We can help the needy in so many other ways without being divisive. See The Case for Race-Blind AffirmativeContinue reading “Facts and Myths About Proposition 16”