09/13 CFER Event: “Women & Equality”

Event: Women & Equality Panel – How will Prop. 16 impact women? Date/Time: Sunday Sep. 13 at 5pm Sign up at Eventbrite.NoProp16.info California is home to many powerful and successful women, with institutional support of cultural empowerment, equal opportunity, and economic viability. In California, women have accomplished tremendously in the last 24 years. They outperformContinue reading “09/13 CFER Event: “Women & Equality””

08/08 “No on 16” Car Rallies Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Diego

Welcome to our 6th Statewide No Prop 16 Car Rally Protest at Los Angeles! August 8, 10:30AM at Arcadia County Park, 405 S Santa Anita Ave, Arcadia, CA 91006. Featuring speakers: Leo Terrell, Dr. Richard Sander, Phillip Chen, Roger Chandler, and Paul Cheng. 1. Check out Facebook live stream when the event starts. 2. Check out our 10Continue reading “08/08 “No on 16” Car Rallies Los Angeles, Sacramento and San Diego”

07/25 Campbell Car Rally against Prop. 16

Welcome to our 4th Statewide No Prop16 Car Rally Protest at Campbell! Some car protest tips here. [IMPORTANT] Please DO NOT take the risk if you have any symptom of sneezing, coughing, fever ect. Please cover your face and keep social distancing. 10:30-11:00am Parking, Last minute decoration (materials supplied) at Volunteer services Campbell Community Center Parking MapContinue reading “07/25 Campbell Car Rally against Prop. 16”

07/18 Tri-Valley Car Rally Against Proposition 16

Stay Connected While Social Distancing  Please dial in upon arrival: 669-900-9128 / Mtg ID 857-6173-6776/ PW 54321. One-click dial: +16699009128,,85761736776#,,,,,,,,54321# Highly recommend to use Bluetooth or headphones (one ear only)  Facebook live stream: www.facebook.com/VoteNoOnProposition16 Time, Location, Car Parking and Car Rally Road Map  Time: 10:30 am July 18, 2020 Saturday  Address:  Dolores Bengston Aquatic Center at 4455 Black Avenue,Continue reading “07/18 Tri-Valley Car Rally Against Proposition 16”

07/11 Fremont Car Rally Against Proposition 16

KEEP DISCRIMINATION ILLEGAL, NO ON PROP 16! Our next event will be in Fremont, on July 11, 2020! Sign up here please: https://docs.google.com/forms/d/e/1FAIpQLSdafO0EyUBz6EMJRRmQQ5LuFj-ItsgXLDH4mXALd21UTTt–A/viewform Thank you for your support at the July 3 Cupertino protest! Photos and videos here Our slogans: Defend the California Constitution – No on Prop 16 Reform K-12 – No Prop 16 Don’tContinue reading “07/11 Fremont Car Rally Against Proposition 16”