About Us

Our Mission & Vision

Californians for Equal Rights (CFER) is a nonprofit organization registered in the state of California, with a mission to defend Proposition 209 and the principle of equal rights as enshrined in the California Constitution (Section 31 of Article I). CFER accomplishes this mission through public education and grassroots campaigns to push back on legislative attempts that would reinstitute racial and gender preferences in government programs.

Our 2020 Campaign to Defend Proposition 209

In 2020, CFER is leading a campaign to reject Proposition 16, previously known as Assembly Constitutional Amendment No. 5 (ACA 5), which intends to repeal Proposition 209 and bring back government preferences on the basis of race and gender in public education, public employment and public contracting.

Not only does Proposition 16 cite misleading evidence to paint America’s most progressive state as a place where minorities and women face systematic inequities, its proponents also incorrectly equate the bill with affirmative action. In essence, Proposition 16 is about government preferences, and government preferences only. Built on partial evidence and shallow prescriptions for an unrealistic utopia, Proposition 16 is divisive and discriminatory. Its actual implementation will put a political band-aid over deeper socioeconomic challenges at best, and violate a series of federal and state laws. We must reject Proposition 16 and safeguard our hard-fought equal rights for all regardless of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin.