09/27 CFER Event: Democrats for Equal Rights

On Sunday 9/27 at 7 pm Pacific Time, Californians for Equal Rights/ No on 16 will proudly host a webinar featuring a number of Democrats against Prop. 16! Counter to the Yes side’s wild accusation painting our just fight as pro-Trump or pro-white-supremacy, No on 16 is in fact supported by people with different political persuasions. We are honored to have a group of liberal supporters willing to speak up against racial discrimination disguised as “diversity”, against elitist billionaire interests behind Prop.16, and against scapegoating Americans of Asian descent

Event: Democrats for Equal Rights
Date/Time: Sunday Sep. 27 at 7pm Pacific Time
Webinar ID: 986 6377 8674

Webinar Link: Click Here 

-Richard Sander, 
UCLA Law Professor, Author of the book Mismatch: How Affirmative Action Hurts the Students It’s Intended to Help.
-Michael Goldman, Sunnyvale City Councilmember, Sunnyvale Mayor Candidate, Former Scientist, Teacher, Veteran.
-Steven Scharf, Cupertino Mayor, Cupertino City Council Candidate, Former Engineer.
-Ling Kong, Milpitas City Commissioner, Community Leader for Social and Environmental Justice.
-Luke Rodriguez, J.D. Candidate at UCLA School of Law, Orange County Public Defender.
-Simone Brown, Small Business Owner, Former Corporate Executive. 

Although Prop. 16 is endorsed by a number of prominent Democrats, it is far from being a partisan issue uniting all Democrats. In fact, the respected Public Policy Research Institute (PPRI) survey shows that a third of Democrats would vote no. According to a 2019 Pew Research Center survey, most Americans support affirmative action in general terms, but nearly 75% of Americans surveyed do not think race or ethnicity should be considered at all in college admissions.

Race-based affirmative action has always been a controversial topic. In present times, it takes courage and conviction for Democrats to speak up publicly against Prop. 16. Those who oppose Prop. 16 desire to help the disadvantaged, but they also think Prop. 16 is not the way to go. Tune in on this Sunday at 7pm PST to hear more from our valiant speakers!