9/7-9/11 Week of #CancelNetflix

Netflix aligns itself with discriminatory Prop 16 and the political establishment to attack equal treatment under the law. Netflix puts its thumb on the scale of our democratic process with millions of dollars to influence our election.

Say no to racial discrimination, reject Prop. 16 and cancel Netflix!

Action Plan:

  1. Monday-Thursday, Phone calls and emails

~Call the HQ first~

*Headquarters/Corporate Office: (408) 540-3700

*Customer Service: 1 (866) 579-7172; 1(888) 638-3549

*Member Service: 1(844) 505-2993; 1(888) 357-1516

*Emails: [email protected]; [email protected];

~Talking Points~

*I am a x-year loyal customer of Netflix. But your recent support of the racial discrimination bill Prop. 16 is discouraging. You are aiding anti-Asian racism by supporting this bill. I condemn your political meddling!

*After being with Netflix for x years, I have decided to cancel my subscription because your CEO channels millions of dollars into supporting anti-Asian racial discrimination. Your endorsement of Prop. 16 is not going unnoticed.

*I will never be a Netflix customer as long as your top leadership supports and finances racial discrimination against Asian Americans. My money is better honored by Hulu/Amazon Prime/Disney…

*Corporations have a responsibility to answer to investors and customers and to be socially conscious. You choose to align with Prop 16’s political goons and engage in promoting identity politics. Shame on you!

*The show business has no business in manipulating public policy making and our civic discourse. By donating to Yes on 16, you are condoning racism, preferences and discrimination.

  1. Friday, HQ Protest! (More information to be published)

*Address:Netflix Headquarters: 100 Winchester Cir., Los Gatos, CA 95032

*Banners & Slogans:Use old ones from the car rallies, plus…

~Cancel Netflix, No on Racist 16~

~Netflix for Discrimination~

~Billionaire for Preferences~

~Don’t Spend My $ on Supporting Racism~

~Show Biz, Not Politicking~

~Help Those in Need, Regardless of Race~