Ward Connerly Condemns California’s Governance by Racial Grievance – “NO on Prop 16” President Says State Wants Quotas, Not Diversity

September 3, 2020

SAN DIEGO, CA – September 3, 2020 – Californians for Equal Rights, the NO on Prop 16 Campaign, today condemned the recent passage of multiple legislative measures in California that bleed with racial grievance and sow hatred and division. 
“The State of California has completely gone crazy over racial grievance,” said Ward Connerly,  president of No on Prop 16.  “Together, these measures demonstrate again that backers of racial preferences have never cared about so-called ‘diversity.’ They have always wanted racial quotas. Now, they even raise the ante with forced racial indoctrination and mandatory payment of money based on race.” 
Here are the relevant measures.
ReparationsAB-3121 calls for setting up a task force to study the potential issuance of reparations to African Americans whose ancestors were enslaved.
QuotasAB-979 establishes racial quotas for private corporations in California and mandates a minimum number of underrepresented minorities on their boards of directors.
Ethnic Studies RequirementAB-331 requires that every high school student take a course on ethnic studies in order to graduate. California Governor Gavin Newsom last month signed into law a measure containing the same requirement for students in the California State University system. 
Racial Discrimination Preferences: Proposition 16, on the ballot this November, would repeal Article I, Section 31 of the California State Constitution, which prohibits racial discrimination and racial preferences in public employment, public contracting, and public education. 
“Proposition 16 would remove the constitutional protection that Californians have against racial discrimination and preferences,” continued Connerly, who chaired the 1996 campaign for Proposition 209, which added the non-discrimination language to the State Constitution. “The racial violence and lawlessness of the last three months have emboldened politicians in Sacramento to pass ill-considered and divisive legislation. These are the same legislators who put Prop 16 on the November ballot. What happens in California does not stay in California. If Prop 16 passes, this virus of racial divisiveness will spread to the rest of the country, at a time when we need unity.”
Ying Ma
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