Beyond Skin Color To The Content Of Our Character: Our Champion Ward Connerly

For Immediate Release:

August 15, 2020

San Diego, California

CFER leader and civil rights champion Mr. Ward Connerly appeared in the Tucker Calrson interview last night to talk about Proposition 16— California’s legislative attempt to restore immoral racial preferences and legalize discrimination. Mr. Connerly said:“The entire political structure in California believes that they are doing God’s work by discriminating against people. It’s wrong. It’s morally wrong. And in fullness of time, we will find: if we keep on this path, it is going to lead to the economic destruction of our state!”

Earlier this week, Mr. Connerly also joined the John & Ken on Demand radio show to discuss our fight and the California Attorney General’s politicized and misleading ballot label and title on Prop. 16. In his own words:
“Nowhere is the word ‘diversity’ mentioned, nowhere, in the language of the Proposition 209 that they seek to repeal! Diversity is a good thing, I would agree, IF we don’t achieve it by discriminating against certain groups!”

At age 81, Mr. Ward Connerly is “back in the saddle”, fighting tirelessly to stop Proposition 16 and racial discrimination from becoming law of the Golden State. He is fighting for unity, principles and our children’s future! Join Mr. Connerly and tens of thousands of ordinary Californians at the grassroots level, and SAY NO TO RACIAL DISCRIMINATION!

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About CFER: “Californians for Equal Rights, No on 16” (CFER) is the principal ballot measure committee, with a mission to defend Proposition 209 and the principle of equal rights as enshrined in the California Constitution (Section 31 of Article I). Passed in November 1996 by popular vote (54.55%), Prop. 209 prohibits the state from “discriminating against, or granting preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin”. Prop. 209 upholds America’s fundamental principles of equal opportunity, merit and individual liberty, with a simple language identical to Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. CFER accomplishes this mission through public education and grassroots campaigns to push back legislative attempts that would reinstitute racial and gender preferences in government programs.