Ward Connerly Blasts California Attorney General Becerra for Rigging the Ballot

Predicts Misleading Ballot Label Will Backfire, Insure Proposition 16’s Defeat

Press Release

November 4, 2020

SAN DIEGO, CA—August 12, 2020—

Ward Connerly, president of Californians for Equal Rights, blasted California Attorney General Xavier Becerra for rigging the ballot to favor Proposition 16, backed by Becerra, who succeeded Kamala Harris as Attorney General.  “Becerra once again puts his thumb on the scale to deprive the voters of the truth,” observed Connerly, echoing newspaper editorials.

“The false and misleading ballot label will backfire and insure the defeat of Proposition 16,” predicted Connerly, who heads the No on 16 campaign.  Connerly had chaired the campaign for Proposition 209, which Proposition 16 seeks to repeal.  Proposition 209, a constitutional amendment put on the ballot by voters and passed with a 55-percent majority in 1996. amended the state constitution to prohibit discrimination and preferential treatment based on race —  in California state and local government contracting, employment and education.

“Becerra, abusing his discretion and exploiting the judicial deference given to his office, made no mention in the ballot label of what Proposition 16 actually does — repealing the constitutional prohibition on, and thus allowing, racial discrimination and  preferential treatment,” noted Connerly. “ Instead, Becerra created a fraudulent ballot label that claims Proposition 16 is about diversity, a word nowhere mentioned in it or in Proposition 209 that it would repeal.”

Proposition 209 did not outlaw diversity, which has thrived in the nearly quarter century since its passage.  For example, the most recent University of California class is the most (racially) diverse ever.  There are many race-neutral ways to cultivate diversity that don’t involve what Proposition 209 disallows – racial discrimination and preferences, which Americans by a nearly 3 to 1 ratio oppose in higher education. 

 “The sole purpose of Proposition 16 is to demolish equal rights before the law in California by bringing back government sponsored racial discrimination..” Connerly said. “Voters remain generally skeptical of deceptive ballot measures and will see through this crude deception. The  reality is that voters don’t want racial division and polarization, they want us to unite.”

Wenyuan Wu
[email protected]