CFER Celebrates Bipartisan and Grassroots Support from the Indian-American Community

For Immediate Release:

July 24, 2020

San Diego, California: Californians for Equal Rights No on 16 (CFER) is delighted to welcome the valuable participation of the Indian-American community in our growing campaign coalition. In addition to attending “No on Prop. 16” grassroots events, Indian-American community leaders and candidates have also supported our honorable cause of defending equal rights for all through awareness building and civic participation.

Recently, Aparna Madireddi, a Democratic candidate running for San Ramon Mayor, has officially endorsed CFER’s No on 16 campaign. On July 18th, Ms. Madireddi gave a passionate speech during the Tri-Valley car rally protesting Proposition 16, advocating for the merit-based principle in education and employment in the land of equal opportunities. She stated these words of truth and encouragement: “In the United States everyone is equal and everyone should be treated with respect. Let’s not disrespect anyone by making them feel weak and vulnerable because of their race but work towards empowering everyone to succeed based on merit.”

Ms. Madireddi’s endorsement accentuates the growing participation of the Indian-American community in this battle for principles, morality, and reason. The last three car rallies in support of our campaign featured speeches from a group of Indian-American representatives including Sudha Kasamsetty (candidate for Cupertino Unified School District Board), Gaurangbhai Desai, Chandrshekber Wagh and Joseph Vijay Ingam. Republican Congressional Candidate Ritesh Tandon attended all three rallies as a keynote speaker, after having joined our opposition in early May.

CFER wholeheartedly embraces the overwhelming bipartisan and grassroots support from Californians of Indian descent. With their joining force with us, our diverse coalition safeguarding the spirit of equal rights for all continues on our upward trajectory. CFER also calls out to all concerned Californian citizens and group to join us in fighting for equal rights for all Californians.

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About CFER: “Californians for Equal Rights, No on 16” (CFER) is the principal ballot measure committee, with a mission to defend Proposition 209 and the principle of equal rights as enshrined in the California Constitution (Section 31 of Article I). Passed in November 1996 by popular vote (54.55%), Prop. 209 prohibits the state from “discriminating against, or granting preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin”. Prop. 209 upholds America’s fundamental principles of equal opportunity, merit and individual liberty, with a simple language identical to Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. CFER accomplishes this mission through public education and grassroots campaigns to push back legislative attempts that would reinstitute racial and gender preferences in government programs.