Californians for Equal Rights (CFER) Disappointed by California Legislature’s Passage of ACA 5

For Immediate Release

June 24, 2020

San Diego, California: On June 24, 2020, California state senators voted 30 to 10 to pass ACA 5, a constitutional amendment to repeal Proposition 209 and restore preferential treatment on the basis of race and sex. Californians for Equal Rights (CFER) is deeply disappointed that Sacramento politicians ignored overwhelming public opposition to this divisive bill after the bill was fast tracked throughout both chambers of the state legislature. We will work relentlessly to defeat ACA 5 in the upcoming ballot and defend equal treatment for all.

ACA 5 is a lie and it legalizes discrimination, as correctly pinpointed by Senator Ling Ling Chang at today’s floor vote. It is promoted by political propaganda based on ingenuine attacks on Proposition 209. In reality, since 1996, California has made strides in diversity and inclusion in public education, employment and contracting. UC has made substantial improvements in both enrollment and graduation prospects regarding underrepresented minority students. California State University now has an undergraduate body with 75% of minority students. The number of minority civil servants increased from 38% of the public workforce in the 1990s to 50% in the 2000s. Both women and men of color saw largest gains in employment rates, proportional to their working age population growth. After Proposition 209, the prices on state funded transportation contracts fell by 5.6% relative to federally funded projects, for which preferences still applied.

Going forward, CFER will continue to work with our diverse community partners and concerned Californians to keep Proposition 209 in the California Constitution. “CFER envisions a society in which every individual, regardless of race, sex, ethnicity or national origin, is free to pursue success and happiness in life. It will be a society that respects and advances the cause of true equality. I have faith in California voters who will make the right decision to reject ACA 5 and work together to advance a free and fair society!” said Mr. Ward Connerly, president of CFER.

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About CFER: Californians for Equal Rights (CFER) is a 501 C(4) nonprofit organization registered in the California state, with a mission to defend Proposition 209 and the principle of equal rights as enshrined in the California Constitution (Section 31 of Article I). Passed in November 1996 by popular vote (54.55%), Prop. 209 prohibits the state from “discriminating against, or granting preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity, or national origin”. Prop. 209 upholds America’s fundamental principles of equal opportunity, merit and individual liberty, with a simple language identical to Title VI of the 1964 Civil Rights Act. CFER accomplishes this mission through public education and grassroots campaigns to push back legislative attempts that would reinstitute racial and gender preferences in government programs.