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“In 1996 California voters approved a citizen-sponsored initiative, Proposition 209, that added the following words to the California Constitution: ‘The state shall not discriminate against, or grant preferential treatment to, any individual or group on the basis of race, sex, color, ethnicity or national origin, in the operation of public employment, public education or public contracting.’ In recent months, much attention has been focused on the destruction of historical monuments and statues, while very little attention has been focused on action by the California Legislature to erase Proposition 209, and the principle of equality that it represents, from the California Constitution.”

America Isn’t a Racist Country: If we’re going to have a national conversation, we need a bold, spirited defense of our progress by Ward Connerly on the Wall Street Journal (07-24-2020).

New poll finds shaky support for Proposition 16 to restore affirmative action in California by Phil Willon on LA Times (09-17-2020)

California shows how unchecked progressives inflict progress by George F. Will on Washington Post (09-16-2020)

California ballot measure to lift ban on affirmative action widely opposed by surveyed voters by John Fensterwald on EdSource (09-16-2020)

If Proposition 16 Passes, California’s Future Might Look Like This by Gail Heriot on The Volokh Conspiracy (09-16-2020)

Why you should vote no on Prop. 16 and reject racial preferences in California by Frank Xu on The San Diego Union-Tribune

California voters to decide on college admissions and hiring based on race, sex and ethnicity by Tom Tucker on KESQ News (09-14-2020).

Diversity at UC Berkeley: Admissions, enrollment, and retention by Alex Zhao on the Daily Californian (09-13-2020).

Our endorsements for the 12 state ballot measures by the Editorial Board on the Orange County Register (09-12-2020).

OUR VIEW: Endorsement: Prop 16 – Vote NO on restoring ‘affirmative action’ by the Editorial Board on the Bakersfield Californian (09-12-2020).

Racial preferences are wrong: Vote no on California Prop. 16 by Tom Campbell on San Francisco Chronicle (09-11-2020).

Opinion: Why voters should oppose Prop. 16, retain state’s race-neutral law by George Leef on the Mercury News (09-10-2020).

If PC Racial Preferences Return to California, Everyone Loses by Roger Clegg on National Review (09-09-2020).

New CEO Report: If California Restores Race Discrimination: Implications for Higher Education on Center for Equal Opportunity (09-09-2020).

Prop. 16 would bring back unfair system by Michael Miller on East Bay Times (09-08-2020).

No on Proposition 16 by Ric Xia on the Daily Journal (09-08-2020).

Reject state-sanctioned discrimination, reject Proposition 16 by Betty Chu on the Orange County Register Editorial Board (09-04-2020).

Vote No on Proposition 16 to defend state’s respect for diversity and equality by the Orange County Register Editorial Board (08-28-2020).

Editorial: California voters need unbiased ballot information. Instead, Becerra is playing favorites by the Times Editorial Board on the LA Times (08-04-2020).

Xavier Becerra should stop undermining California’s democracy by Daniel Kolkey on the Orange County Register (08-03-2020).

Newsletter: A bumper crop of California ballot measure lawsuits— Proposition 16 vs. Proposition 209: Then and now by John Myers on the LA Times (08-03-2020).

America Isn’t a Racist Country: If we’re going to have a national conversation, we need a bold, spirited defense of our progress by Ward Connerly on the Wall Street Journal (07-24-2020).

Misreading Polling Data on Race by John Rosenberg on Minding the Campus (07-20-2020).

Racial preferences or school choice? How to improve education for non-white students by Lance Izumi on the Washington Examiner (07-17-2020)

The Effects of Proposition 209 on California by Charles Geshekter and David Randall on the National Association of Scholars (07-16-2020)

Proposition 16 will bring discrimination in the name of equality: Michelle Steel by Michelle Steel on the Orange County Register (07-11-2020).

Black Lives Matter on the Ballot by John S. Rosenberg on Minding the Campus (07-07-2020).

A Vote for Discrimination: California’s Legislature votes to bring back racial preference by the Wall Street Journal Editorial Board on the Wall Street Journal (06-25-2020)

Reversing Prop. 209 will only lead to discrimination by Tom Campbell and Quentin Kopp on the Orange County Register (06-23-2020).

ACA 5 Threatens a Civil Rights Setback for California by Shawn Steel on the Orange County Register (06-12-2020).

Commentary: Why California should keep Prop. 209, which prohibits state institutions from considering race by Haibo Huang on the San Diego Union Tribute (06-09-2020).

Commentary: How Prop. 209 helped under-represented minority students succeed at California universities by Gail Heriot on the San Diego Union Tribute (06-09-2020).

Attempt to overthrow Proposition 209 ignores K-12’s responsibility by Lance Izumi on the Center Sqaure (06-04-2020).

Restoring Racial Preferences Will Harm Many Who Are Supposed to Be Helped by Lee Ohanian on Hoover Institution (06-02-2020)

Ward Connerly Rides Again: The civil-rights champ allies with Asian-Americans against race discrimination by William McGurn on Wall Street Journal (Interview of Ward Connerly and Wenyuan Wu, 06-01-2020)

Ro Khanna’s trust deficit – Win on Indian Americans’ shoulders and flip stand on ACA-5, which will hurt them the most by Ritesh Tandon on PGurus (06-01-2020)

Lance Izumi Discusses ACA 5 on “The Phil Cowan Show” on the Pacific Research Institute (05-29-2020)

加州ACA-5 议案要改变什么?What will ACA-5 change? By Mei Li on Epoch Times (Interview of SVCAF’s Crystal Lu, 05-28-2020)

CACAGNY Opposes Return to Racial Spoils in California by Chinese American Citizens Alliance Greater New York (Press Release, 05-27-2020)

Why repealing Prop. 209 won’t engineer a more equitable California by Wenyuan Wu on CalMatters (05-27-2020)

Why Fomenting Identity Politics Matters More To Democrats Than Asian Americans by Mike Gonzalez on the Federalist (05-26-2020)

Preserve Prop. 209: Don’t let racial discrimination return to California by Wen Fa and Alison Somin on San Francisco Chronicle (05-26-2020)

Another Scheme to Justify Racial Preferences by John S. Rosenberg on Minding the Campus (05-25-2020)

California Democrats Want to Bring Racial Preferences Back by John Fund on National Review (05-24-2020)

灣區14團體聯合聲明反對ACA 5 14 Irving-based Groups Issue a Joint Statement to Oppose ACA-5 by Shaohua Huang on World Journal (05-24-2020)

ACA5更極端 華人應促民代反對Chinese Americans Must Urge Their Representatives to Oppose the Radical ACA-5  by Xiuzi Wangquan on World Journal (interview of AACE President Yukong Zhao, 05-23-2020)

未解決資源分配 周本立不支持ACA 5 Ed Chau Won’t Support ACA5 Because It Doesn’t Solve Resource Redistribution by Xiuzi Wangquan on World Journal (05-23-2020)

Who are the enemies of Prop 209? By Jeff Jacoby on the Patriot Post (05-20-2020) Reposted by the Antelope Valley Press on 05-22-2020

影响入学就业公平 美加州华人小区反对“ACA 5”提案 Chinese-American Communities in California Oppose ACA-5’s Impact on Education and Employment Fairness by China News (Interview of Ling Ling Chang, 05-22-2020)

影響華裔子弟就學與就業 南加社區反對「ACA 5」提案 Chinese Communities in SoCal Protest ACA-5 Due to Its Impact on Chinese Americans’ Employment and Education Prospects by Xiuzi Wangquan on World Journal (Interview of Ling Ling Chang, 05-21-2020), reposted by World Journal on 05-22-2020

加州民主黨疫情間再推平權法過關受質疑California Democrats under Scrutiny for Pushing Affirmative Action in a Pandemic by Fengling Zhou on Epoch Times (05-21-2020)

Californa Democrats Try To Legalize Racial Discrimination During Pandemic by Kenny Xu on the Federalist (05-21-2020)

The Success of Prop 209 by Jeff Jacoby on Boston Globe (05-20-2020)

In California, the Dream of Racial Preferences Never Dies by Jason L. Riley on Wall Street Journal (05-19-2020)

California lawmakers rush to impose race preferences in education during COVID-19 lockdown by Alexander Pease on the College Fix (Interviews of Richard Sander and Wenyuan Wu, 05-18-2020)

Undoing Ban on Race/Sex-Based Preferences Will Harm Students by Gail Heriot on Real Clear Politics (05-16-2020) Chinese Translation Here.

The Damaging Fraud of ACA-5 by Peter Kirsanow on National Review (05-15-2020)

加州因种族优惠问题再掀修宪战 华裔忧心 California’s Battle on Constitutional Amendment due to Racial Preferences Alarms Chinese Americans by Yu Zhou on Voice of America Chinese (feature SVCAF’s Crystal Lu, SDAAFE’s Frank Xu and AACE, 05-15-2020)

ACA-5: License to Discriminate by the National Association of Scholars, Press Release (05-15-2020)

A Move to Reinstate Racial Preferences in California by Paul Mirengoff on Powerline Blog (05-13-2020)

AACE Call to Action: Join the National Alliance to Defend Equal Education Rights in California by AACE (Press Release, 05-12-2020)

Is California Backsliding on Racial Preferences? By Peter Kirsanow on National Review (05-12-2020)

California Revives Affirmative Action by Wenyuan Wu on American Thinker (05-12-2020)

A hasty hearing on a constitutional amendment that would overturn Prop. 209 by Wenyuan Wu on CalMatters (05-05-2020) Reposted by the Press-Enterprise, Orange County Register, News BreakSVCAF, Press Telegram, Newstral.

加州華人面對ACA 5新病毒 Chinese Californians Face a New Virus: ACA-5 by Hong Deng on World Journal (04-05-2020)

ACA5修憲 損亞裔權益 ACA-5 Will Amend California Constitution and Hurt Asian Americans’ Rights by Ying Shang on World Journal (03-23-2020)

AACE Calls Upon Californian Partners and Citizens to Say NO to ACA-5 by AACE (Press Release, 03-16-2020)

No Longer Black and White, Why liberals should let California’s affirmative-action ban stand by Richard D. Kahlenberg on Slate (03-11-2014).

How Costly Is Affirmative Action? Government Contracting and California’s Proposition 209 by Justin Marion on IDEAS. (2009)