Proposition 16 Lies on Public Employment

Prop 16 Lies on Public Employment:

1. “Prop. 209 led to stark workforce diversity reductions for people of color.”

2. “Prop. 209 led to increasing disparity in employment opportunities for people of color.”

Facts to Debunk Proposition 16 Lies:

1. Workforce diversity for people of color in public employment has increased significantly and reflected changes in the working age population:

Minority civil servants: rose from 38% (70,000) in 1990 to 50% (110,000) in 2007.

2007: Minorities became the majority of CA’s civil service employees.

2. Civil servant representation has large divergences within groups relative to working age population by race:

Black civil workers are overrepresented.

Asian and Native American public workers are sufficiently represented.

Latino civil workers have seen declines in representation since 1990.