Proposition 16 Lies on Public Education

Proposition 16 Lies on Higher Education:

1. “Diversity within public educational institutions has been stymied… The University of California has never recovered the same level of diversity that it had before the loss of affirmative action.”

2. Prop. 209: “underrepresented group enrollment at the Berkeley and Los Angeles campuses immediately fell by more than 60 percent”

3. Prop 209: “systemwide underrepresented group enrollment falling by at least 12 percent”

4. Prop 209: “a decreased likelihood of earning a college degree within six years, a decreased likelihood of ever earning a graduate degree”

5. “The Supreme Court of the United States outlined the benefits that arise from diversity” and thus Proposition 209 must be repealed

6. “Federal courts continue to reaffirm the value of diversity in favor of race conscious admissions, as exemplified by United States District Judge Allison D. Burroughs in Harvard v. SFFA.”

Facts to Debunk Proposition 16 Lies:

1. Measurable diversity has improved over the last two decades:

UC (9 campuses): 6 Hispanic Serving Institutions (HSI); 4 awarded “Higher Education Excellence in Diversity”; strategic partnerships w. HBCUs.

CSU (23 campuses): 40% Hispanic; 21 meet HSI criteria.

2. Underrepresented Minority (URM) enrollment at Berkeley and UCLA didn’t suffer btw. 96’ and 19’:

Berkeley: white enrollees 29.5% to 21%

UCLA: white enrollees 31.2% to 24.8%

3. URM enrollment at UC increased after 1996: 15% in 1996 to 26% in 2019:

Hispanic admits: 13.6% (5,886) to 24% (26,247).

Black admits: 3.9% (1,687) to 4.1% (4,406).

Asian admits: 31.72% (13,736) to 30.49% (32,826).

4. URM graduation rates at UC increased:

4-year graduation rate rose from 31.3% to 55.1% (1996-2014)

6-year rate rate rose from 66.5% to 75.1% (1998-2013)

5. Previous Supreme Court rulings dictate that race-conscious college admissions must be narrowly tailored and undergo strict scrutiny to suffice compelling government interests:

1978 UC Regents v. Bakke banned quotas.

2003 Grutter v. Bollinger banned racial stereotypes and higher standards.

2006 Fisher II: race as a factor in admissions as a factor of factor of factor.

6. Burroughs’s ruling on Harvard, only an initial decision in the ongoing case, is biased and self-contradictory: see a detailed critique of the ruling.