Proposition 16 Lies on Outreach & Women

Prop. 16 Lies on Outreach & Women:

1. “Prop. 209 prohibits California universities from engaging in targeted outreach and extra efforts to matriculate minority students.”

2. “Prop. 209 bars affirmative action programs to help women.”

3. “Prop. 209 impeded equal participation of women in workforce and public work projects.”

Facts to Debunk Prop. 16 Lies:

1. “Prop. 209 does not prohibit ‘diversity,’ faculty internship programs, focused outreach, or other EEO efforts:

“Legal Opinion 16-04: 16th Advisory on Proposition 209”: Diversity and outreach programs may still operate within the legal parameters of Prop. 209 if the programs are inclusive of all ethnicities, races and gender.

2. Prop. 209 by no means sought an end to the state’s affirmative action programs

(c) It doesn’t prohibit bona fide qualifications based on sex which are reasonably necessary.

(d) It doesn’t invalidate any preexisting court order or consent decree.

(e) Affirmative action based on socioeconomic factors are still allowed

3. Gains for women in workforce diversity:

Women saw a large increase in public employment in the late 1990s, with a slight dip in the mid 2000s.

Women of color (& men of color) saw largest gains in employment rates.