No on Prop. 16

No on Prop. 16


A Broad-Based Campaign Coalition to Defeat Proposition 16

Proposition 16 Rejects the American Creed of Equal Opportunity
It Devalues the Principle of Merit
It Legalizes Discrimination
It Pits Groups Against Each Other
It Will Cost Taxpayers Billions Of Dollars

Since 1996, California has made great strides in diversity!

Rising URM Enrollment in UCs: 15% to 26% (1996-2019)!
Rising URM Graduation in UCs: 31.3% to 55.1% (1996-2014)!
CSU: 75% Minority Students, 21 Campuses Eligible For HSI!
UC: 6 Hispanic Serving Campuses, Extensive Diversity Outreach!
Minority Civil Servants: 70,000 (38%) To 110,000 (50%)!
Women In Public Employment: Significant and Steady Increases!
CA Transportation: $1 Billion Annual Savings in State Contracts!
Visit Fact-Checking Prop 16 For More Info! is a grassroots volunteer group defending Proposition 209 in California.